Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Presets

When you tell your brand story - you'll want it to be consistent. Unless you've had extensive training in photography, you probably noticed your photos all have different lighting. This can be a bigger deal than you may think. It takes away from your brand's continuity and impact. On our mission to provide assets for all you boss ladies, we've put together these lightroom mobile presets. They go far beyond Instagram filters to give you your own personal brand look. Hiring a designer is one route that can get super pricey over time. When you install lightroom presets from us, they're yours to use forever. So - what does your brand convey? A Clean & Crisp, Neutral, or Beachy Vibe? We have over 44 lightroom presets for you to choose from. Happy branding!


Our Most Popular Lightroom Mobile Presets

Light and Airy Presets

This Instagram preset is one of our biggest hits - it's both clean and versatile. There's no specific brand look required to use our light and airy presets, which makes it a go-to for many boss ladies. There are 9 preset DNG files included as well as a PDF with a link for step by step instructions. These 9 light and airy presets for mobile are:

➀ Original ➅ Warm/Low Light
➁ Bright ➆ Bright/Sharp
➂ Cool ➇ Warm/Sharp
➃ Cool/Low Light ➈ Low Sat
➄ Warm


Bright and Airy Presets

When your brand works mostly outdoors - you're dealing with a lot of natural light. Also, when you use a lot of light colors like white and other neutral soft shades, the perfect combination for your brand is our Bright and Airy lightroom presets. Use these Instagram presets to enhance your photos with vivid colour and give you a polished and professional brand look. Here are the 10 bright and airy lightroom presets you can expect to receive:

➀ Original ➅ Sharp
➁ Bright     ➆ Warm
➂ Interior ➇ Two
➃ Interior Sharp ➈ Sharp Two
➄ Low Sat           ➉ Three

Moody Lightroom Presets

These Moody lightroom presets are, well..moody! They're perfect for those super smiley photos, sad undertones, and any other emotion you can think of. The colours perfectly exude emotion, no matter which one you're trying to convey. Call them expression enhancers! Best used for photos shot in natural light. These are the 7 Moody lightroom presets to expect with this collection:

➀ Original
➄ Interior
➁ Bright
➅ Vibrant
➂ Dark
➆ Warm
➃ Soft

What to Expect with Hyggely Lightroom Mobile Presets

We make it super easy for you to transition to using our presets. Based on the conditions you take your photos in, the presets you purchase from us may need to be slightly altered to make the biggest impact for your brand. If you're having any trouble with the presets - we're happy to help!

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