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Great Design is Universal and Timeless

With the world becoming more visually advanced, it's more important than ever to create an image for yourself in a way that sets you apart from others and speaks to who you truly are...without going out of style.
My goal is to help entrepreneurs, influencers, and BOSS women brand themselves and their businesses to help tell their stories and create an experience for their audience that will keep them coming back!

What is a Lightroom preset and how does it work?


Lightroom presets are uniquely created photo filters that will edit your photos in just ONE CLICK, giving you a professional, effortless, and cohesive look for your brand. They are compatible with the FREE mobile Lightroom app as well as the paid desktop version. To use these presets for your Instagram/phone photos, simply download the Lightroom app, import the presets, and edit your photos of choice in SECONDS! When you are happy with your photos, export and upload to whichever platform you'd like. Your editing game has just been elevated to the next level!

What is a Brand

Well, first let's discuss what a brand isn't.
A brand is not:
- Just a logo
- The type of graphics used
- The overall aesthetic

A brand is what your client, customer, or follower's first impression or gut feeling is about you and what you offer. They take everything you give them (your aesthetic, your product, your personality...etc) and form an opinion. To put it simply, your brand is basically like your reputation.
As a designer, it is very important for me to keep this in mind while I create your brand or help you choose one, because it's not just the design that's important, it's the result of that design and how you are viewed by your audience. This is why I tend to lean towards simplicity, minimalism and timeless design. It always makes for a great first impression! 
Half the battle of creating a brand is infusing the design and aesthetic with your personal touch and create an experience for your customers, clients and followers. 

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