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When a client chooses full-service interior design, they are leaving all the heavy-lifting and grunt work of a renovation or new-build project to their designer/decorator. The designer not only creates a beautiful design, but also manages the entirety of the project. This includes everything from the initial design concept to selecting the items and materials for the space, engaging any trades and contractors, placing the orders of goods and managing the logistics of deliveries, while also maintaining the budget and timeline of the project. Essentially, the renovation process is simplified and made easy for the homeowner who will now enjoy the process rather than dread it.
At Hyggely, we work on many medium-to-large size residential and commercial projects from beginning to end. Whether you are building a new home, renovating an existing interior, or remodelling a kitchen, we will make sure to cater a scope of work specifically for you and your needs!
Depending on the scale of the project, the design and planning stages can take anywhere between 2 to 4 months before any construction, installation, and ordering can begin.

We encourage all potential clients to reach out and complete a questionnaire.

How it works:

Stage One - The Consultation
During this stage, we typically schedule an on-site visit. We will get to know you and identify the objectives as well as ask questions such as who will be using the space, what do you like, what inspires you and what are the specific functions you desire for your space. Photos will be taken and the space will be measured if needed.
A document containing the scope of work is created and sent to the client along with a contract/letter of agreement for approval. The scope of work document outlines the work that will be done and the spaces that will be worked on.
Please note: The Initial constulation will have an investment of $150 + HST payable before the on-site meeting, and has an approximate duration of 1.5 to 2 hours.
Once the contract/letter of agreement has been discussed and signed, we can begin your project! 

Stage Two - The Design Concept
We will create a design concept and schematics to present to you to confirm that the project is going in the right direction. Any feedback will be discussed and a clear vision will be determined for the remainder of the project.

Stage Three - Design Presentation and Estimates
Final design and detailed drawings are developed along with any extra services that are added to the scope of work (eg: 3D photorealistic renderings).
After the completed design has been accepted, we will provide you estimates from our preferred general contractors and suppliers along with a product schedule that will outline the furniture, fixtures, and appliances information and specifications. This will also act as your shopping list.

Stage Four - Orders and Deliveries
Ordering and purchasing the products and services will be carried out. We will preform inspections during our on-site walkthroughs to make sure the design execution is done with the best quality. We will also provide guidance for any issues that may arise.

Stage Five - Installation, Furnishing and Styling
Final installation of any fixtures, appliances and construction details are done and placement of furniture and accessories are set up to reflect the initial design concept.

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